Advantages of ordinary lathe modification to numerical control
Jul 30, 2018

At present, many lathe modification manufacturers have used stepper motor as the driving element in the process of transformation of ordinary lathe to the CNC, which constitutes the CNC system of the lathe. However, the control core of such a control system is generally a single-chip microcomputer, open-loop mode of operation, less function, and frequent failures, high failure rate.

While the Tengzhou Han Wei machine tool is used in the transformation process of the lathe modified by ordinary lathe, the application is the SKY universal lathe system, its unique double position closed loop control mode, the inner ring as the corner position ring, the outer ring using the grating, induction synchronizer and other detection components, the standard high speed 64 bit PV control core, and the compound control system, Fully compatible, automatic tool setting function, greatly improving its following performance. It is the advantage that other lathe renovation manufacturers do not have, not only improves the work efficiency of employees, but also brings good economic benefits to users.

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