Cause of error in high precision CNC lathe
Jul 30, 2018

High precision CNC lathe accuracy test may appear the following error, the following simple analysis.

1. The outer circle of the high precision CNC lathe is cones. The reason is that the front and rear wires are not coaxial with the axis of the spindle, and the center position of the tail seat of the NC lathe is not caused.

2, CNC machine tool turning workpiece vibration, may be tailing sleeve too long or the work piece top too loose, also may be not sharp or blade tip arc too big, or the gap between the top of the rotary center or the gap between small and medium skates too large.

3, the top tip has been worn out with the bearings of the axis axis or the axis of the axis. The center hole of the workpiece has not been cleaned or the center hole touches the hair. The center hole of the heart of the chicken heart is touched on the end of the disc and the center hole does not work. These will make the circle run out of demand.

4, high precision CNC lathe center hole serious wear or bite, may be the use of fixed top without lubricating oil or the spindle speed is too high, or the chuck chuck is not clamped, turning the workpiece has stopped turning.

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