Common lathe operating procedure
Jul 30, 2018

1. Before the operation of the ordinary lathe, the workpiece should be well loaded. The lubricating oil pump should be started to make the oil pressure reach the requirements of the lathe before it can be started.

2. When adjusting the gear rack and adjusting the gear wheel, the power supply must be cut off. After the adjustment is good, all the bolts must be fastened, the wrench should be taken off in time and the work of the work piece is removed.

3, after loading and unloading the workpiece, the chuck wrench and the floating object of the workpiece should be removed immediately.

4. The tailstock and rocking handle of the machine tool should be adjusted to the proper position according to the processing needs, and they should be fastened or clamped.

5. The workpiece, tool and fixture must be fasten firmly. The floating tool must extend the cutter part into the workpiece before starting the machine.

6, the use of the central rack or knife holder is necessary to adjust the center and have good lubrication and supporting contact surfaces.

7, when processing long material, the rear part of the spindle should not be too long. If it is too long, it should be equipped with a bracket and hang a danger mark.

8. When feeding, the knife should be approached to work slowly to avoid collision, and the speed of tray should be uniform. When changing the knife, the knife must keep a proper distance from the workpiece.

9, the cutting tool must be fastened, and the length of the lathe tool should not exceed 2.5 times the thickness of the tool.

10, when machining eccentric parts, proper counterweight must be provided so that the center of the chuck is balanced and the speed should be appropriate. There must be protective measures for the workpiece beyond the chuck outside the fuselage.

11. Adjustment of tool alignment must be slow. When the tool is 40-60 mm away from the workpiece, manual fire feeding should be used instead of fast feeding.

12. When finishing the workpiece with a file, the tool holder should be returned to a safe position. The operator should face the chuck, with the right hand in front and the left hand in the back. The workpiece with a keyway and square hole is not allowed to be processed with a file.

13. When using a sand cloth to light the workpiece, the operator presses the two ends of the sand cloth by two hands, according to the position specified in the upper section, and the finger is not used to grind the inner hole with the finger.

14. When moving the knife automatically, the knife holder should be adjusted to the base to prevent the base from coming into contact with the chuck.

15, when cutting large or heavy parts or materials, there should be enough machining allowance.

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