How to cope with environmental changes in the lathe industry
Jul 30, 2018

The lathe industry is facing a grim situation, and the development environment is undergoing significant changes in many aspects. Chen Huiren, deputy director of the China small lathe tool industry association, pointed out that, on the one hand, the total market demand decreased significantly, the ten years of the industry has ended and the market tends to be rational; two is the rapid upgrading of the demand structure of lathe tools, and the need for high precision, high speed, high efficiency and intelligent middle and high quality CNC lathes. Seeking for a marked increase is more demanding and demanding than in the past. It should also be seen that some industry benchmarking enterprises have achieved stage results in the transformation and upgrading of the new situation through the solid efforts of innovation and service. It is necessary for the enterprise to analyze the cost structure clearly. 

At the same time, the business structure must correspond to the cost structure. In addition, the business structure should correspond to the market structure, especially the international market. On the one hand, it sticks to its own advantages, and on the other hand, it is not a particularly intense market segmentation to some competition with its own characteristics. 

Marches in the field. With the further blurring of the domestic and foreign market boundaries and the technological progress of domestic lathes, the middle end lathe market has become a hot spot in the competition. At the same time, the large increase in the import of high end lathes has not been changed by the domestic high-end demand; the line forming equipment, the intelligent manufacturing island, the digital vehicle The development of intermediate and manufacturing services has not yet formed a large-scale advantage, which will be the goal of China's lathe industry facing new changes and creating a new future.

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