How to use numerical control lathe to process parts
Jul 30, 2018

When machining parts on CNC lathes, the following principles should be followed:

1, choose parts suitable for CNC lathe processing.

2, analyze the processed parts drawings, define the processing contents and technical requirements.

3. Determine the location of the origin of the workpiece coordinate system. The origin position is generally chosen at the intersection point P between the right end face of the workpiece and the center of rotation of the spindle, or at the intersection point O between the center of rotation of the spindle and the left end face of the workpiece.

4. To make process path, the starting point should be considered and the starting point is generally used as the end of processing. The starting point should be easy to check and clamp the workpiece. The rough, semi-finished and fine car should be considered, and the parts can be finished with the least feed route on the premise of ensuring the machining precision and the surface roughness of the parts. The processing time of the single piece should be shortened. The position of the knife change point should be considered. The knife exchange point is the position of the tool holder in the processing. The selection of the position of the knife exchange point should take into account the absence of interference in the process of changing the knife, and the cutting path is as short as possible, the starting point of the machining and the point of the change of the knife should be the same or not the same point.

5. Select the cutting parameters. During machining, reasonable spindle speed, feed speed and cutting depth should be selected according to the accuracy requirements of parts.

6, the rational choice of cutting tools. According to the shape and surface accuracy of the machined parts, the appropriate tool is selected for machining.

7. Compile machining procedures, debug machining procedures, and complete parts processing.

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