The effect of the lathe accessories
Jul 30, 2018

A lathe attachment is a device for supporting and clamping tools, commonly referred to as lathe fixtures. The technical and economic effects of lathe fixture are very significant, and their functions can be summarized as follows:

1. It can expand the working range of the machine tool. Because there are many kinds of workpiece, and the type and number of machine tools are limited, using different fixtures, can achieve a multi-purpose machine, improve the utilization of machine tools.

2, it can make the quality of the workpiece stable. After the fixture is used, the mutual position of each surface of the workpiece is guaranteed by the fixture, which is higher than the line finding, and can make the positioning accuracy and machining precision of the same batch of 1 pieces basically consistent. Therefore, the interchangeability of the workpiece is high.

3, improve the productivity and reduce the cost. In general, the fixture can simplify the installation of the workpiece and reduce the auxiliary time needed to install the workpiece. At the same time, the fixture can be used to stabilize the workpiece, improve the rigidity of the workpiece, increase the cutting amount, reduce the time of maneuver and increase the productivity.

4, improve labor conditions. It is convenient, labor-saving and safe to install workpieces with fixtures, which not only improves the working conditions, but also reduces the requirements for workers'technical level.

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