The way to improve the working time of the lathe
Jul 30, 2018

1 increase the auxiliary equipment to improve the working time of the lathe

In the actual production of our factory, a small end of a long form of round long body is often made and repaired. The end of this kind of non specification workpiece is shaped like a word or a word ring or quadrangle. In this case, the workpiece can only be clamped on the four claw single chuck, and the chuck must be adjusted first when turning. The center of the workpiece, and then turning processing, which gives the operator in turning the workpiece to bring great labor intensity, turning the workpiece time-consuming and laborious.

Then the workpiece is turned by the top tightening force between the top and the positioner. After turning a workpiece, the workpiece can be replaced and processed by loosening the two top wires of the placement on the chuck and loosening the top of the tailstock. This method reduces the labor intensity during the clamping process, shortens the auxiliary time and increases the work efficiency.

When machining a workpiece with conical holes, in order to ensure the high accuracy of coaxiality and round jump of the conical hole and the outer circle, it is difficult to meet the requirements of coaxality and round jump when the conical workpiece with high precision is in the final turning of the outer circle when the outer circle is finally turned from the high precision cone hole. It is easier to clamp the small ends of the taper holes or the top ends of the tailstock. The conical mandrel can be positioned by using the conical mandrel positioning method.

2 improve the tool bar shape and Multi Tool cutting on the original tool material to improve the aging time.

In actual production, we encountered large numbers of threads with small pitch. When machining with buckle-picking cutter, the screw is not easy to be machined because of its large radial force, and manual buckle with spanner teeth, which is both laborious and time-saving.

3 conclusion

In the relevant practical work, the rational use of all kinds of processing methods make the operator get rid of many traditional tedious labor, reduce the labor intensity, improve the work efficiency and product quality obviously, and shorten the working cycle, which has added some new working ideas on the new starting point of saving energy and reducing consumption. In the future work, there are also some new processes and new methods for reference.

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