What is the difference between a lathe and a milling machine?
Jul 30, 2018

Lathe is a kind of machine equipment with a long history. Since ancient times, there are lathes. Only the ancient lathes are simple and the work pieces are very simple. With the progress and development of science and technology, with the rise of the industrial revolution, various machine tools should be shipped and the lathes have been made by leaps and bounds. The development and progress of the lathe are generally processed some shaft parts, disc parts, sleeve parts and padding parts. In general, the lathe has a tool holder and is used to install tools. The form of the lathe is based on the rotation movement of the workpiece, and the movement of the tool is feed movement, through these two kinds of movement. The form of movement to complete the turning process, the parts are mounted on the spindle of the machine tool by three claw chuck, and rotate at high speed. Then the tool is used to cut out the shape of the product with the tool of the body of the rotary body. In addition, the lathe can also carry on the processing form of the inner hole, thread, and biting flower, and the processing genus of the thread and the bite of the flower. At low speed. The CNC lathe has the basic processing form of the lathe, and the CNC lathe can complete many forms of processing that can not be completed by many lathes, such as the work of some complicated body of revolving body.

Milling machine is a type of milling machine tool equipment, but the milling machine is just the opposite of the lathe processing form, the milling machine is based on the rotary motion of the tool, the movement of the workpiece for feed movement, through these two kinds of motion to finish the milling of the workpiece, the workpiece is fixed, high speed rotation The milling cutter cuts the workpiece on the workpiece, cutting out the required shape and characteristics, and processing the workpiece. CNC milling machine is also able to process difficult and complex shape workpieces.

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