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Advantages Of CNC Lathe Processing
Jul 30, 2018

One. Save time

1, fast clamping chuck reduces the adjustment time.

2. Quick clamping tool reduces tool adjustment time.

3, the tool compensation function saves the adjustment time of tool compensation.

4. Workpiece automatic measuring system saves time and improves machining quality.

5, the command of the program or the instruction of the operation panel controls the movement of the top rack and saves time.

Two. Easy to operate

1. The inclined bed is advantageous to cutting flow and adjusting clamping pressure, top pressure and lubricating oil supply of sliding surface, and is convenient for operator to operate the machine tool.

2, wide range spindle motor or built-in spindle motor eliminates gear box.

3. High precision servo motor and ball screw clearance eliminating device make feeding speed fast and have good accuracy.

4. It has a cutting processor.

5, CNC servo motor drive CNC tool holder.

Three. It has the function of program storage

The modern CNC lathe control device can calculate the cutting trajectory automatically according to the machining shape, and the processing conditions of the rough machining are attached to the instruction, and the internal operation can be carried out.

Four. Use a mechanical hand and a rod supply device

It is both labor-saving and safe, and improves automation and operation efficiency.

Five. Processing rationalization and intensive process

The purpose of high speed and high precision machining and compound processing can be achieved.

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