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How To Carry Out Daily Maintenance Of CNC Lathes
Jul 30, 2018

The products of advanced technology such as automatic control technology, automatic testing technology and precision mechanical design and manufacture are the typical mechanical and electrical integration products with high technology density and high automation. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools not only have high working precision, high production efficiency and stable product quality. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, and it can also complete the parts processing of complex surface which is difficult to complete or simply cannot be machined by ordinary machine tools. Therefore, the position of CNC machine tools in the machinery manufacturing industry is becoming more and more important.

However, we should realize clearly that in the school number training center, whether CNC machine tools can achieve the goal of high processing precision and production efficiency depends not only on the accuracy and performance of the machine tools themselves, but also to the correct maintenance and use of CNC machine tools in production. As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must use a sharp tool first. Let's take a look at how to maintain this sharp tool in daily life.

1. Knowledge of maintenance and maintenance of numerical control equipment

CNC equipment is a kind of advanced processing equipment with high degree of automation and complex structure of CNC machine tool control system. It is the key and key equipment of an enterprise. In order to give full play to the high efficiency of numerical control equipment, the correct operation and careful maintenance must be made in order to ensure the utilization ratio of the equipment. The correct operation can prevent the abnormal wear and failure of the machine tools, and do a good job in daily maintenance, which can keep the equipment in good technical condition, delay the deterioration process, discover and eliminate the hidden trouble in time, so as to ensure the safe operation.

1. Problems that should be paid attention to in the use of numerical control equipment

1.1 use environment of numerical control equipment

In order to improve the service life of the numerical control equipment, the CNC machine control system generally requires to avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, to avoid too wet, too much dust or corrosive gas. Corrosive gases can easily cause corrosion and deterioration of electronic components, resulting in poor contact or short circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of equipment. Precision CNC equipment must be away from vibrating equipment, such as punching machine, forging equipment, etc.

1.2 power requirements

In order to avoid the influence of large amplitude (greater than 10%) and possible instantaneous interference signal, the numerical control equipment usually uses a special line power supply (such as the use of a numerical control machine separately from a low-voltage distribution room) or a voltage stabilizing device, which can reduce the influence of power supply quality and electrical interference.

1.3 operating procedure

Operation rules are one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools. Operators must operate according to the operation rules. When the machine is malfunction, the operator should pay attention to the retention of the site, and show the maintenance personnel the facts before and after the failure, in order to analyze and diagnose the cause of the failure and eliminate it in time.

In addition, CNC machine tools are not suitable for long term storage, and the CNC machine control system should be fully used after buying CNC machine tools, especially in the first year of use, so that the weak links of the CNC machine tools are exposed as soon as possible and can be eliminated during the warranty period. In the absence of a processing task, the CNC machine tools should also be energized regularly, preferably 1-2 times a week, each time for 1 hours, in order to reduce the humidity in the machine by using the calorific value of the machine itself, so that the electronic components will not be dampened, and the battery alarm can be found in time to prevent the loss of the system software and parameters. Lost.

If you want to make CNC lathes like new, you have to do a good job of cleaning and lubrication every day. The automatic lubrication system should check and clean the automatic lubrication system regularly, check the oil quantity, and add lubricating oil in time to check the oil pump to start the oil and stop.

Every day remember to check the spindle box automatic lubrication system work is normal, regularly replace the spindle box lubricants. Look at whether the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet is working properly, whether there is any blockage in the air filter screen, and clean the dust that is attached to it.

Attention should be paid to checking the spindle drive belt and adjusting the tightness. And the degree of tightness of the guide rail, adjusting the gap.

Pay attention to check the abnormal noise of the oil pump in the hydraulic system of the machine tool, whether the height of the oil surface is suitable, the pressure gauge is normal, and the leakage of the pipe and the joints.

In addition, remember to clean the machine tool after work every day, remove iron scraps, wipe the cooling liquid of the guide rail parts, to prevent the guide rail rust.

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