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Machining Characteristics And Processing Objects Of Numerical Control Lathe
Jul 30, 2018

1. High difficulty processing

The helical parts of the forming surface parts, the non standard pitch (or the guide), the variable pitch, the equal pitch, or the smooth transition between the cylinder and the conical rotation surface can all be processed in the CNC lathe.

2, high precision parts processing

The precision requirement of parts mainly refers to the precision requirements of size, shape, position and surface. The surface precision mainly refers to the surface roughness: the rotary drum in the duplicator, the magnetic head on the video recorder and the multi surface reflector on the laser printer. The precision of the geometric contour is as high as 0.01um and the surface roughness value is Ra0.02um. Some high precision parts can be machined on special precision CNC lathes.

3, the processing of hardened workpiece

In large mold processing, there are many parts with large size and complex shape. The deformation of these parts after heat treatment is large, and the grinding process is difficult. On the CNC lathe, the hardened parts can be turning with the ceramic lathe tool, and the grinding can be used to improve the processing efficiency.

4. High efficiency processing

In order to further improve the efficiency of turning, the same or different parts of two multiple processes can be processed on a CNC lathe by increasing the control axis of the lathe.

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