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Performance Characteristics Of Small Numerical Control Lathe
Jul 30, 2018

The small CNC lathe is a high precision, high efficiency automated machine tool. He is a tubular structure designed to provide tough, torsional stresses in conjunction with its 45 degree bed. All the main castings are cast and woven by Meehan, and the internal stress is eliminated by annealing, and the rigidity is super strong and the stability is excellent. The spindle bearings are precision P4 rated to ensure continuous machining accuracy. The 12-position hydraulic turret, the tool change time of the adjacent knife is only 0.9 seconds, and the rapid tool change reduces the time loss. The high-rigidity hydraulic tailstock, with its programmable displacement, can be accurately and quickly positioned.

Small CNC lathes automatically process the machined parts according to a pre-programmed machining program. We process the machining process of the parts, process parameters, tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle revolutions, feeds, back-feeding, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, reverse, The cutting fluid is turned on and off, and is programmed into a machining program according to the instruction code and program format specified by the CNC machine tool, and then the contents of the program list are recorded on the control medium (such as punched tape, tape, disk, bubble memory). ), and then input into the numerical control device of the CNC machine tool to command the machine tool to machine the parts.

Performance characteristics of small CNC lathes:

1. All the castings of the whole machine are made of advanced HT250 cast iron, which are completely annealed to eliminate residual internal stress and not deform for a long time. 2. The base and the Y-axis guide surface are integrated and cast, and the chassis is stable and rigid.

3. The guide rail is Taiwan Hiwin silver linear guide rail. It adopts full support design and is moved at any position within the effective stroke. It is still fully supported by the slide rails and has no floating phenomenon to ensure cutting stability, slide accuracy and mechanical life.

4. Three-axis C3 precision double-nut ball screw. After medium-frequency heat treatment and precision grinding, each shaft is pre-tensioned to reduce thermal deformation, and the positioning and repeating precision is high.

5. All machines are 100% ex-factory tested by Renishaw laser interferometer to ensure three-axis precision backlash, ensuring positioning accuracy: ±0.01/300mm Repeatability: ±0.005/300mm.

6. The three axes are driven by servo, which has stable transmission, high precision and large torque.

7. The three-axis track is covered with dustproof and anti-dust expansion and contraction cover to protect the track and ball screw from wear caused by cutting water and residual material.

8. The numerical control system adopts a wide-angle 218M machining center numerical control system, which is applicable to international common procedures, with automatic tapping, automatic fault detection and alarm function, and power-off memory function.

9, the spindle is BT30, the transmission cutting torque is large, and 6 cutter magazines are arranged, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency and processing precision of complex products.

10. The spindle motor adopts 2.2Kw servo spindle motor and drive. The power is large, and the spindle can be oriented to change the tool to meet the automatic tapping function.

11. BT30-6 puts the knife-type tool magazine, the tool change time is short, and the tool change action is safe and reliable.

12, the electronic handwheel three gears can be greatly facilitated to operate and tool.

13. The balance weight is added to the column, and the spindle runs smoothly up and down.

14. Configure intermittent lubrication system, full protection structure and configuration pneumatic broach system

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