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Technological Characteristics Of Turning
Jul 30, 2018

Turning is a widely used processing technology in lathe processing. Its main characteristics are:

1, it is easy to ensure the position accuracy between the machined surfaces. When turning, the main motion of the workpiece revolves around a fixed axis, and each surface has the same axis of rotation. Therefore, the position accuracy of each machining surface is easily controlled and guaranteed.

2, the cutting process is more stable. In general, the turning process is continuous, unlike milling and planing. In the process of a knife cutting, the cutter teeth have multiple cuts and cut out to produce impact, and when the geometry of the props and the AP and F are fixed, the section size of the cutting layer is stable and the cutting area and cutting force are basically unchanged, so the cutting process is more stable than the milling and planing. Because the main movement of the turning is revolving, it avoids the influence of the inertia force and the impact, so the turning is allowed to use a large amount of cutting, high speed cutting or strong cutting, which is beneficial to the increase of productivity.

3. The tool is simple. Turning tool is a simpler type of machine tool. It is more convenient to manufacture, sharpen and install.

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