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The Composition And Function Of CNC Lathe
Jul 30, 2018

1. The main body

The machine tool body mainly includes machine parts, such as bed, spindle box, saddle, tailstock, feed mechanism and so on.

2. Numerical control unit (CNC device)

Numerical control device is the core of CNC lathe control, which is usually controlled by special computer, mainly composed of display, keyboard, input and output device, village rougher and system software.

3. Servo drive system

The servo drive system is the driving part of the CNC lathe actuator, which converts the motion instruction information output from the CNC device to the movement of the moving parts of the machine tool, mainly including the spindle drive, the feed drive and the position control.

4. Auxiliary device

The auxiliary device refers to some auxiliary parts of the CNC lathe, including the tool changer, the tool instrument, the hydraulic, the lubrication, the pneumatic device, the cooling system and the chip removing device.

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