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The Function And Development Of The Lathe
Jul 30, 2018

The lathe is a very original machine tool equipment, the distance has been hundreds of history, of course, the lathe at that time must be completely different from the current lathe. In a sense, the ancient lathe belongs to the manual lathe, everything is done through the physical energy to complete the lathe work, and now the lathe is completely self. The dynamic machine tool equipment has the existence of numerical control lathe.

Since the birth and development of the lathe, it can be described as a variety of changes, especially in the recent period of time, more and more kinds of lathes, such as CW6180 horizontal lathe, CW61100 horizontal lathe, CW61125 horizontal lathe, CA6140 ordinary lathe are very common types of lathes, but also in industrial production and processing. Often used lathe, these lathes processing forms are not too large, basically all kinds of surfaces and grooves for turning the workpiece, all of which have basic properties of the lathe, and play a vital role in the manufacturing industry. Of course, these are the general properties of the lathe, with the development of digital control system. Applied to the machine tool industry, CNC lathes are getting more and more attention. The main types of CNC lathes are CK6136 CNC lathes, CK6140 CNC lathes, CK6150 CNC lathes, and CNC lathes are a kind of high efficiency, high precision and high quality automatic machine tools. It is not a class of lathes and a kind of lathe, it is A kind of intelligent machine tool!

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