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What Are The Structural Characteristics Of Tilted Bed CNC Lathe?
Jan 16, 2019

1. The straight-line rolling guide of inclined-bed NC lathe meets the requirements of high speed and high efficiency, reduces friction resistance and temperature rise deformation, improves machining accuracy, and ensures the long-term stability of cutting accuracy.

2. The tool detection device can automatically input the position data of the tool tip into the NC system, which greatly reduces the whole time of tool change, and can also automatically compensate for the wear of the tool tip.

3. NC lathe with inclined bed adopts domestic or imported high rigidity horizontal turret tool holder, which has high positioning accuracy and small re-cutting deformation.

4. Standard configuration: spindle stepless speed regulation, hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, horizontal eight-position tool holder, closed protection.

5. The numerical control lathe with inclined bed adopts the integral inclined bed structure, which can maintain the stability of the accuracy of the lathe when re-cutting.

6. The X and Z axis servo motors are directly connected with precision ball screw through elastic coupling, with high precision and fixed ends of the screw, which improves the support stiffness of the support, makes frequent high-speed positioning and reduces the distortion of the screw caused by re-cutting to a minimum.

7. High precision, high rigidity programmable tailstock.

8. In the design of NC lathe with inclined bed, the spindle box adopts corresponding measures to reduce the thermal deformation of the spindle, so that the relative stability of the spindle axis can be maintained when the spindle works for a long time.

9. NC lathe with inclined bed adopts full rail protection, and the cooling box and chip remover are separated from the main machine to ensure that the accuracy of the machine is not affected by hot cutting.




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