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What Is The Difference Between A Numerical Control Lathe And A Common Lathe?
Jul 30, 2018

Numerical control lathe is a kind of machine equipment with high precision, high efficiency and automation, which combines high precision, high efficiency and automation. The degree of diversification of machining features and the complete degree of processing function are not introduced one by one. The ordinary lathe is a kind of ordinary automatic lathe without numerical control system control. It is suitable for processing some kinds of lathe. Ordinary type of workpiece, no CNC lathe is strong, but the operation is also more flexible, the price is much cheaper than the CNC lathe.

Before the emergence of CNC lathes, there are many ordinary lathes used in industrial production and manufacturing. Numerical control lathes are the high-end products of digital control technology for the lathe. So the CNC lathe is one kind of automatic lathe. The traditional automatic lathe mostly uses mechanical devices to realize the turning of the workpiece, which has reliable work. With the characteristics of high speed and high precision, there are many types of workpieces that can be processed, but the configuration of the machine tools should be changed when the variety is changed. It is necessary to reload the workpiece and replace the tool, so the time used is long, so it is suitable for the batch and large batch processing.

Numerical control lathe is a kind of automatic production equipment with high flexibility and high efficiency. It is a kind of highly flexible and efficient automatic production equipment. It only needs to transform processing program when the workpiece is changed. The work time is greatly saved and the working efficiency is improved, but the processing speed is slow. It is mainly to process some workpieces which frequently change the form of processing, so it is suitable for the processing operation of single piece and small batch.


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