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Which Workpieces Can Be Processed By A Vertical CNC Lathe
Jul 30, 2018

Vertical CNC lathe is used to process the workpiece with large diameter and weight, or difficult to install on the horizontal lathe. The axis axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the workpiece is installed on the horizontal rotary table, the main motion rotated by the worktable belt, and the feed movement is realized by the vertical knife frame and the side tool frame. Vertical CNC lathe is also used for machining large and heavy workpiece with large radial size and relatively small axial size. For example, the cylindrical surface, the end face, the conical surface, the cylindrical hole, the tapered hole, etc. It can also be used for machining thread, spherical surface, profiling, milling and grinding with additional devices. 

Compared with horizontal lathe, the workpiece is clamped inside the clip decoration of horizontal lathe. The spindle axis of the vertical CNC lathe is vertical layout, and the table surface is in the horizontal plane, so the clamping and alignment of the workpiece is more convenient. This layout reduces the load of spindle and bearing, so vertical CNC lathe can maintain working accuracy for a long time.

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